Bespoke FAQ's

How much do the bespoke items cost? 
Due to the delicate nature of creating a hair piece specifically for you, prices are quoted individually and are dependent on many factors including detail, size and your time-frame. 

Is it possible to customize an existing hair accessory to my liking? How much does that cost?
Yes of course. Just contact us with all of the details of what you have in mind, including photos and depending on availability and your time-frame we will do our best to customize to your liking. The price of customizing a piece depends on the detail of the order and will be quoted individually. 

I have an idea about what I want but I’m not sure if it will work in my hair. 
Contact Morgan and we can come up with an accessory that suits your hair and style best.

I have a party or wedding that is fast approaching. Is it possible to rush an order?
We usually ask that you allow 4-6 weeks for the production of our Bespoke pieces but just contact us and we will do our best to accommodate rush orders.

Do you accept returns?
Since our bespoke items are created specifically for you we do not accept returns on those items. We will work with you to try to facilitate your needs the best way we can.